Czech OER

OER 1 CZ partea 1

OER 1 CZ partea 2

OER 1 CZ partea 3

1introduction to the hearing impairment and communication

OER 2_CZ Limba semnelor international

2 International Sign Language

CZE OER 3 teatru fără cuvinte

3 Theatre without words

CZE_OER_4 Deaf identity, culture,  laws_RO

4 Deaf identity and aspects related to culture, legislation, psychology, statistical data

OER 5 personalitati surde in Cehia

5 Czech deaf personalities

6 methods of education of the deaf

7 CODA children

OER 8 CZ Finger alphabet

8 Finger alphabet

9 Education of the deaf in the Czech countries

OER 10 CZ educatia surzilor in trecut

10 Education and training of the hearing impaired Antiquity of the middle ages OER 9 Cehia: Educația surzilor în Cehia Educația surzilor în Cehia 


Personalities (OER 5 Cehia_CZE)

Theatre (OER 3_CEHIA_CZE

CODE (OER 7_Cehia_CZE)

Finger alphabet (OER 8_Cehia_CZE)

Educația surzilor (OER 6 Cehia_RO)

Introduction to the hearing impairment and communication (OER 1 Cehia_PL )

International Sign language (OER 2 Cehia_PL)

Theatre without words (OER 3 Cehia_PL)