Polish Sign Language Stories

1. „SYRENKA WARSZAWSKA” („The Warsaw Mermaid”)
Youtube link- https://youtu.be/Qp76qbEg6Es
Author:Dominika Strzelecka 
Interpreter:Beata Pukło 
24 .11.2010
A tale about a mermaid, which took up residence in the waters of Vistula river. A story about the creation of Warsaw’s crest.

2.  “O SMOKU WAWELSKIM” („The Wawel Dragon”)
  Youtube link - https://youtu.be/v0WAtUtEaI;
Author:Stanisław Pagaczewski
Interpreter:Piotr Krupa Date unknown 
The story of a dragon which appeared in Krakow and settled in Wawel.
The dragon demanded a tribute in the form of aa cow once a week. Every time his wish wasn’t granted, he kidnapped people.
The residents of Krakow were overcome by sadness and terror. Eventually, rescue came in a form of a young shoemaker, who offered to kill the dragon.

3. „Keloglan i olbrzym w studni” („Keloglan and the Giant”)
Youtube link - https://youtu.be/24PoLFGLtXU;
Interpreter: Beata Pukło  Brak daty 
The story of a smart boy named Keloglan, who was bald from the birth. He didn’t like to work and preferred to lay under a tree.

4.  “Historyjka o leniwym człowieku („A story about a lazy man”)
Youtube link - https://youtu.be/D4dtqYZLZgA
Author:Jerzy Żuławski
Interpreter: Piotr Krupa 1914 r. 
A story about an amazingly lazy man who didn't even want to chew his own food. While everyone else worked, he wasn’t doing anything, claiming that work is not good for him.

5. “Olbrzymia rzodkiewka” (“Giant radish”)
Youtube link - https://youtu.be/ZM5iE0GaAAw;
Author:Ireneusz Lejczak
Interpreter:Edward Pukło 
11.12.2016 r 
A story about an old farmer, who sowed radish in his garden, among other vegetables.
One radish has grown large and beautiful, and kept growing. He decided to feed his family with it, but he couldn’t pull the radish out of the ground, so he called for help. They managed to pull it out and eventually ate it together.

6.  „Opowiadanie o brązowym niedźwiedziu” („A story about a brown bear”)
Youtube link - https://youtu.be/wwOD_F06DdY;
 Author:Vladimir Colin
Interpreter: Piotr Krupa Brak daty 
A story about a bear that everyone laughed at. He lived at the North Pole, where all the animals were white, and he was the only one of brown colour. Everything changed when the bear helped a bear cub in danger – he was accepted by everyone and met with great admiration and respect.

7. “Futro Hodji” (“Hodja’s fur”)
Youtube link - https://youtu.be/tyjOZW1z1oY;
 Author unknown 
Interpreter: Piotr Krupa, Edward Pukło, Beata Pukło 
30.05.2014 r. 
It’s a story about  the rejection of simplicity and the lust for luxury. After meeting a friend, Hodja goes to a wedding but isn’t well received. He returns dressed in a fur coat and much to his surprise, becomes worthy of attention and respect.

8. “Dobra dziewczynka i zła dziewczynka” („Good girl, bad girl”)
Youtube link - https://youtu.be/CfI2JNog_b0;
 Author:Beata Ostrowicka
Interpreter:Edward Pukło 
12.12.2014 r 
The story of two girls. One was ugly and lazy and the other beautiful, hard-working, with a good heart. In the end, it pays to be good and hardworking.

9. “Koza i trzy koźlątka” (“A goat and three kids”)
Youtube link - https://youtu.be/LIEIGBvr1ZY;
 Author:Ion Creanga
Interpreter: Edward Pukło
  08.04.2014 r 
An informative story about childish naivety and the big bad wolf. The tale contains a warrant and a warning that you should listen to your parents.

10. “Pieczona kura” (“The roasted chicken”)
Youtube link - https://youtu.be/vDN42InxPrU;
 Author unknown
Interpreter: Beata Pukło, Edward Pukło, Piotr Krupa 
08.04.2014 r 
The story of a man who tried to pay his debt in an honest way, but the creditor wanted to cheat him, so they went to the judge to resolve their dispute.