Czech Sign Language Comedy Shows



Writing messages Two hearing friends sit in the bar, talking and drinking. They notice that a very nice young lady is sitting at the bar. One man has the courage to address the girl. He talks to her, but she doesn't respond, so he taps her on the shoulder. The girl is startled and shows him that she is deaf. The man is sorry, he does not know how he will communicate with the girl. The girl asks the waiter for paper and pencil. They start writing to each other and learn a lot about themselves. But the other man doesn't mind being alone at the table, so he comes to them. Everyone writes, it takes an hour and then two hours, but the girl has to go home.
The girl leaves, but they promised to meet again.
The men stay in the bar, but they still correspond instead of talking. Out of habit.

Wedding The deaf girl sunbathes on a lounger. Suddenly, the ground begins to shake, a giant King-Kong arrives, and all the people are afraid and fleeing, hiding in safety.
Only the girl is still sunbathing and has no idea.
Suddenly, King-Kong notices her and takes her in his hand.
The girl is scared, scared and trying to explain to him that she is deaf.
King-Kong begins to sign, "It doesn't matter, I'm deaf too. I can sign. Do you want to marry me?"

Vacantion The husband and wife are on vacation, they are staying in a hotel. At night, the man wakes up and needs a toilet, but the toilets are not in the room. There are only shared toilets in the hallway. He leaves the room and closes the door. When he returns from the toilet, he realizes that he does not remember their room number. He wonders what he will do. Suddenly he gets an idea and starts screaming terribly in the hallway. Almost all the doors open and people shout at him to shut up.
Only one door remained closed and it was from his room because his wife is deaf.

Truck The truck driver stops the deaf hitchhiker. The deaf asks him for a ride, but he thinks the driver is driving too slowly, and should drive faster. The driver does not want to go faster, he is afraid that he would pay a fine. Deaf, she offers to exchange him, because he also has a driver's license for a truck. They drive fast - 100 - 110 - 120 km / h and the police stop them. The deaf closes the window and shows the police that he cannot hear. The police will forgive him for the fine, so he moves on. Then he says goodbye to the driver and gets out. The driver drives alone. He decides to try it as a deaf person - he accelerates from 100 to 110 to 120 km / h. He will be stopped by the police. He pulls down the window and shows that he is deaf. Unfortunately, the police officer speaks sign language, so he is unlucky.

Toilet Two friends are driving. One is hearing and the other is deaf. They both need a toilet and so they stop. They both need poop, everyone goes to the tree. Then they meet and the deaf asks the hearing person, "Do you know the difference between deaf poop and hearing poop? The deaf just squats in one place and makes a poop. The deaf because he can't hear danger, so he squats, but he still turns around. That's why his poop nicely twisted.

Soldiers Two deaf people - one is American and the other is Czech. The military commander wants to choose only one and gives them three tasks to complete, and whoever has a better time wins.
The first task is an obstacle course, which must be completed within 1 minute. The American is muscular and in good condition. He did it in 58 seconds. The Czech is not in completely good condition and has a slightly larger belly, but in the end, he will succeed in 59 seconds.
It's 1: 0 for the American.
Task No. 2 is target shooting. In this task, the Czech is better and the score is therefore 1: 1.
The last task decides.
The task is to unlock the grenade and count to 10, and then drop it.
The American unlocks, counts to 10, and then drops the grenade.
The Czech fires the grenade, counts and booms, the grenade explodes at his feet and he is over.

SL Translator 1. When a hearing person dies, he is normally buried alone.
2. When a blind man dies, he is buried with his blind staff.
3. When a wheelchair user dies, they bury him with his wheelchair.
4. When a person with a hearing impairment dies, he is buried with a hearing aid.
5. When a deaf person dies, he will unfortunately be buried with his interpreter, who have to be shoot.

Lovers Two police officers have a patrol in a car parked on the street. They are having fun together and suddenly they notice a light flashing in the window of an apartment. The light - darkness - goes out and again. The cops are wondering what's going on. He thinks it's a call for help. They preferred to call the SWAT intervention unit for help. The intervention unit jumps out of the helicopter, prepares to intervene. To open the door, they need a hammer to kick the door open. The action, the police break into the apartment, where there are deaf lovers. They are naked because they just made love. The reason the light flickered was because the lovers communicated during sex. Whether they like sex or want to change position.
The police were ashamed and quickly left the apartment.