Czech Sign Language Songs

Karel gott hvězdy Sign language CZE


Ed Sheeran Shape of you Sign language CZE


Cranberries zombie Sign language CZE

Celine Dion Sign language CZE

Adele Hello Sign language CZE

Aerosmith Sign lanuage CZE

Billie Ellish Sign language CZE

Bruno Mars Sign language CZE

Avril Lavigne Sign language CZE


Brittney Spears Sign language CZE


Czech national anthem – one version. There are some more version.


Song from the Czech group LETO called BARVY (= COLOURS) – it is about coloured feelings, thinking about the feelings


This song called - 5 minutes outside the city is from the Czech group PLANETS. It is about everyday life. Being in a hurry, stress, and worry.


This song is from famous Czech and Polish singer EWA FARNA. It is about Christmas. The sign language interpreters are students of our school. This was their seminary work.


Song: NOT NECESSARY (Zdenek Sverák, Jaroslav Uhlír)
This song is about what important things are in the world. It's important to love someone, have fun and laugh. Material wealth is not always important, intangible things will enrich us more. we don't have to be sad and cry.

6.       Dáša Ubrová - Kronika - YouTube

Song about the chronicle of life. Our lives consist of different stories.

7.       Koncert pro uši - YouTube

In 2016 took place charity concert. Czech interpreters performed here, and their song were interpreting in Czech sign language. Financial proceeds from the concert was used for interpreting services.


I LIKE WHISKEY – this song is from the Czech musical film LIMONADE JOEY


Short introduction of the group from Brno city – artistic interpretation.


Czech traditional Christmas song – Christ the Lord was born


Czech traditional Christmas song – Christmas are coming – about the Christmas time and traditions


Historical Christmas song – Deo gracias – giving thaks to the God


Jingle bells  - Christmas song


Very emotional interpreting of the song called Everest from Czech group Rocking-horse. It is about despair and courage. About the hard times in life.


Song about Moses´ pray. Translated into the Czech sign language.


Czech group Flowers choose their song We, children from Bullerbyn. Difficulties of young people – drugs, alcohol, unemployment.