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Robin Schulz - Speechless (feat. Erika Sirola) (Polish Sign Language)

T.Love - Ajrisz (Polish Sign Language)

T.Love - Nie nie nie (Polish Sign Language)

Michael Jackson - Childhood (tłumaczenie ASL + IS)

Michael Jackson - Remember The Time (tłumaczenie ASL + IS)

1. „MY” („Us”)
Author: Andrzej Piaseczny; Ania Dąbrowska
Interpreter: „Młodzi Migają Muzykę” (MMM) 
21.07.2018 r. 
In the song "Us" the singer speaks about the secret of a good and happy life. He believes that the source of eternal joy is love, which should be appreciated, cherished and found every day.

2. „ZAKRYJ” („Cover”)
Author: Sarsa
Interpreter: Iwona Cichosz  
In many cases we may come across the statement that it is the eyes that are the mirror of our soul. Following these words, we can conclude that the author asks to cover her eyes because she is afraid to reveal herself to the other person. She is withdrawn and cannot cope with the surrounding reality filled with lies.

3. „TERAZ TY” („It’s your turn”)
Author: Liber; Mateusz Mijał
Interpreter: „Młodzi Migają Muzykę” (MMM)
 23.01.2015 r. 
The song is a dose of positive energy. The artists want to encourage us to change, because it’s never too late to change our lives for the better.

4.  „NA CHWILĘ” (“For a moment”)
Author: Grzegorz Hyży, Sound &Grace, Tabb
Interpreter: „Młodzi Migają Muzykę” (MMM)
 10.08.2015 r. 
The singer is trying to write a plan for the future to know what steps to take to meet the expectations of his beloved. He encourages her to leave behind the bad things and focus on here and now. The future is open to them.
Author: Wiz Khalifa feat.: Charlie Puth
Interpreter: „Młodzi Migają Muzykę” (MMM)
 24.02.2016 r. 
The song is a tribute to Paul Walker, an actor of the “Fast and Furious” movies, who died in a car accident.
Author: Nickelback; Chad Kroeger
Interpreter:„Młodzi Migają Muzykę” (MMM)
 05.09.2014 r. 
The song is an encouragement to move forward and face all challenges. According to the author of the text, dreams are to fulfil them, and goals to achieve them and not be discouraged by failure.
Author:Avicii; Aloe Blacc
Interpreter:„Młodzi Migają Muzykę” (MMM); „Sing Sing” group
 29.03.2016 r 
The song is about a man who is looking for his way in life. He is guided by the voice of his heart and intuition. He doesn't know what his decisions will lead him to. He only has the idea of where he wants to start.

8. „MOCNA” („Strong”)
Author:Adam Abramek;Adam Blink
Interpreter:„Młodzi Migają Muzykę (MMM); „Sing Sing” group
 02.01.2017 r. 
In this song, the singer talks about the fact that from each failure we come out stronger.
Author:James Arthur;
Interpreter:„Młodzi Migają Muzykę” (MMM) 
15.05.2014 r. 
A love song in which the singer talks about his feelings for a certain person. He recalls how once, long ago, someone warned him about getting involved in great feelings. In the case of love, we have to be careful, we never know what awaits us around the corner.

10. „DNI, KTÓRYCH NIE ZNAMY” („The days we do not know”)
Author:Marek Grechuta;Jan Kanty Pawluśkiewicz;
Cover: Kamil Bednarek
Interpreter:„Młodzi Migają Muzykę” (MMM) 
23.03.2014 r. 
The song tries to convince the listener that it's not worth regretting the days and moments when nothing extraordinary happens, because only the days we don't know are really important. The future is ahead of us. The mentioned example of "a certain well-known person" who had a “home and an orchard” shows, that when we fulfil our dreams, at some point we lose sight of the meaning of life, which means that we can fall into bad circles and lose what we have built for years.

11. „NA PEWNO” („For sure”)
Author:Tabb&Sound Grace; Patrycja Kosiarkiewicz
Interpreter:„Młodzi Migają Muzykę” (MMM) 
08.12.2015 r. 
The song is about the fact that everything can change at any moment in life, so you should appreciate what you have and enjoy every second.

12. „JEŚLI NIE WRÓCĘ” („If I don’t come back”)
Author:Anita Lipnicka;John Porter
Interpreter:„Młodzi Migają Muzykę” (MMM) 
24.11.2014 r. 
On the initiative of The Warsaw Rising Museum, the album “Morowe Panny” (“Swell Gals”) was created, in which artists talk about the Uprising and also express their thoughts and fears about contemporary Warsaw. Anita Lipnicka and John Porter play the roles of Insurgents and tell about it in a singing way.

13. „SEN O WARSZAWIE” (“A dream about Warsaw”)
 Author:Czesław Niemen;Marek Gaszyński
Interpreter:„Młodzi Migają Muzykę” (MMM)
 15.01.2014 r. 
"A dream about Warsaw" is one of those songs that is deeply inscribed in the history of Polish pop music, while also attracting considerable interest from new artists.

14. „SKRZYDLATE RĘCE” („Winged hands”)
 Author:Mirosław Ortyński;Enej
Interpreter:„Młodzi Migają Muzykę” (MMM)
06.05.2013 r. 
The song is about a boy who was unhappy. His dream was to break free from the mundane everyday life and loneliness.
The first verses of the song show us the character of a boy who did not know his origin. His father was aggressive towards him and the hero knew nothing about his mother. He prayed to God and asked him, why all the misery was happening to him. He dreamed of breaking away from the surrounding reality.

15. „CZARNY CHLEB I CZARNA KAWA” („Black bread and black coffee”)
Author:Jerzy Filas; Strachy na lachy
 24.10.2012 r 
The song was created in 1974 in prison, where the author was convicted and sentenced for singing political songs in public.

16.  „MARZENIA SIĘ SPEŁNIAJĄ” („Dreams come true”)
Author:Majka Jeżowska
13.04.2015 r 
Life without dreams would be bland, colourless, sad, monotonous. It can be said that in a sense, dreams give life meaning, they have the extraordinary ability to mobilize a person to act. To fulfil his innermost desires, man is able to do a lot. Just having dreams makes him happy, let alone making them come true.

17. „OBIECUJĘ” („I promise”)
Author:Roksana Węgiel;
05.12.2018 r. 
The second single from the winner of the television program "The Voice Kids". The song was created in cooperation with Lanberry, among others. In her nostalgic text, she talks about moments of doubt and resignation.

18. „DOBRZE, ŻE JESTEŚ” („It’s good, that you are here”)
Interpreter:Wojciech Łuszczykiewicz/ Młodzi Migają Muzykę (MMM) 
17.03.2014 r. 
The song promotes the band’s third album "Ej!", which will premiere in the second half of this year. The music video was created in cooperation with the deaf people from the “Młodzi Migają Muzykę” (MMM) campaign.

19. „POWIEDZ” („Tell me”)
Author:Ich Troje
Interpreter:„Razem Bez Słów” (“Together Without Words”) 
15.08.2018 r 
Any interpretation of the song is allowed.

20. „NA NOWO” („Anew”)
Author:Mezo; Hania Stach
27.12.2014 r. 
This is a song about people who feel, that they need to change something in their relationships, in their lives, because everyday life does not give them satisfaction, their routines and patterns are ruining them. They feel it's time for a new deck of cards, so to speak. It's a reflective, calm song.

21. „SOBIE I WAM” („To ourselves and you”)
Author:Męskie Granie 2019
Interpreter:Ela i Agata, PJM (Polish Sign Language) interpreters from Wroclaw.
26.11.2019 r 
“To ourselves and you” is an unusual musical wish for all the fans of the “Męskie Granie” concert tour. Former performers also appear in the music video.

22.„NIEDZIELA BĘDZIE DLA NAS” („The Sunday we’ll have for ourselves”)
Author:Wojciech Waglewski;Maciej Maleńczuk
27.12.2014 r 
The song says that Sunday doesn’t always have to be the laziest day of the week.

23. „NIE BÓJ SIĘ CHCIEĆ” („Don’t be afraid to want”)
Author:Paulina Przybysz
Interpreter:Children of the J. Falkowski Deaf Institute in Warsaw 
25.10.2017 r. 
Disney Poland and the Culture Without Borders Foundation presents a completely unique version of the music video for the song "Try Everything" from the Walt Disney Animation Studios production of "Zootopia", sung in Polish Sign Language. The heroes of the music video are children of the J. Falkowski Deaf Institute in Warsaw.

24. „TO NIEWAŻNE JEST” („It doesn’t matter”)
Interpreter:Aneta Falkiewicz;Ewelina Smoliga 
09.08.2018 r 
Music video for the song from the album “EP: 30” - “It doesn’t matter”, presented in the Polish Sign Language. The clip was recorded on the beach in Hunstanton, in the woods on Queen Elizabeth II's estate in Sandringham and Martha's Kitchen restaurant in King's Lynn. Many thanks to Aneta Falkiewicz and Ewelina Smoliga for preparing the interpretation of the piece into Polish Sign Language (PJM) and for appearing in the music video. Let us be aware of the people around us.

25. „CHCĘ TU ZOSTAĆ” („I wan’t to stay here”)
Interpreter: Oczy Muzyki (The Eyes of Music) 
The song states, that at any time in life everything can change, and that it is easier for two to overcome all problems and obstacles.